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Sunset wedding at The Riverview. Newlyweds sit on a bench in front of The Farmington River surrounded by fall leafs.

Woodside Productions

"Couples Capturing Couples"


We are Zack & Ava!

As a couple ourselves, we understand the magic of capturing love in its purest form. Our lens becomes an extension of our shared passion, freezing the stolen glances, shared laughter, and tender embraces that define your unique connection. Entrust us with your moments, and let our shared love story fuel our commitment to documenting this chapter of yours. Together, we embark on a journey to preserve the timeless romance that makes your story extraordinary.

Young couple poses with their mini australian shepard puppy, during their engagement shoot at Topsmead State Forest.

husband + wife duo!

Our Story

In March of 2020, Ava hired Zachary for a quick photoshoot. After spending way more hours than needed for a photoshoot we knew there was a connection. Two days later we embarked upon a bowling and driving around with no destination date. We have both spent time in the entertainment industry as actors and models, but Zack had found a passion in capturing the world around him. As our relationship grew, so did Woodside Productions, and with her creative touch, Ava coined our tagline 'Couples Capturing Couples.'

In November of 2022, we married after a three-month engagement. In the midst of capturing countless love stories, and developing our very own, we added a new member to our family. Introducing Winnie, named after the lovable Winnie The Pooh. Our Mini Australian Shepard and American Eskimo Mix has cemented our love and brings us endless happiness.

Looking ahead, we envision a future where we find land down South, building not just a home but a haven for Winnie to embrace her farm dog dreams. Our story is more than just photography; it's a journey of love, learning, and crafting dreams into reality. Join us as we capture the essence of your love, as we continue to build ours.

Black and Brown Vintage Film Roll of couples portraits in front of a gazeebo, and tall evergreen bushes.

Meet the Team

Yes - we are a couple... but backup is needed! Meet our family  <3


Newlyweds share a kiss at the end of aisle during their outdoor Fall wedding at Wood Acres Farm, in Harwington, CT.
I cannot say enough positive things about Zack and Ava. Even our guests had nothing but nice things to say about them! They were very personable, friendly, and professional. They helped us feel relaxed, there was no pressure for anything, and they checked in often to see if there was anything they could help with. They did an impeccable job with our photos and when I say I'm obsessed with our photos, I mean I'M OBSESSED with them and catch myself looking at them A LOT. They captured so many pictures of the day that I'm able to remember it all that much more. Even the dancing shots and candid photos came out great! To be honest I'm already planning on hiring them for an anniversary shoot and any other event I may need a photographer for 😂 our only regret is not doing videography too! But for real, 10/10 would absolutely recommend Woodside Productions!

Mrs. Araujo ~ Bride

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